Air Ships
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Air Ships

UAV Airships – Military, Homeland Security sponsorship, wide applications

  • Much less expensive than satellites
  • Much less expensive O&M than fixed wing UAVs
  • Tactical Surveillance
  • 2000-lb Payload
  • Long Duration (6 to 12-mo. at 65,000-ft)
  • Solar-Powered (future)

Brayton leads emerging industry on advanced propulsion

Brayton Scope: Propulsion Module

  • Structures
  • Propeller
  • Vector drive
  • Engine
  • Engine cooling
  • Alternator
  • Fuel system
  • System analysis

Propulsion modules with Brayton’s pylon variable axis prop, and TAE diesel engine

Full Demonstration: 5.5 meter prop with variable axis prop thrust control
Brayton designed and tested the special propeller, pylon, and articulating prop axis system.

Air ShipPropeller