Brayton is actively involved in propulsion in two growing markets:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

  • The ‘Range Extender” is a critical component in many electric vehicle (EV), providing on-board battery charging. Brayton offers a modern solution which complements the environmental benefits of the EV. Brayton’s recuperated gas turbine-alternator is an on-board battery charger that achieves pollutant emission levels lower than that of the Utilities’ most advanced power plants and after-treatment systems. The so-called ‘well-to-wheels’ emissions of the EV are therefore lower when the range extender is in operation. For larger trucks, Brayton has designed direct-drive gas turbine, achieving superior efficiency and emissions, without batteries.

    Brayton is performing pioneering development in three areas. These include turbocharging, with integral alternator for small piston engines, turbo-prop gas turbines, recuperated for exceptional efficiency and power/weight ratio, and airship propulsion.


  • 1Aerodynamic Component Design
  • 2Computation fluids Analysis (CFD)
  • 3Thermal/ Mechanical Stress Analysis
  • 4Detailed Design Package
  • 5Rapid Prototyping
  • 6Component Testing (Sub System Qualification Testing)
  • 7Fully scale testing and commissioning

Propulsion Test Facilities

GENSET lab testing and equipment capabilities

For most of our propulsion applications, Brayton will fully:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Assemble
  • Qualify the gas turbine engine in house.

After testing, we then deploy the engine and work directly with our client to interface with their propulsion system.

Vehicular Gas Turbine Projects

Brayton has designed, built, and tested components for each of these areas Applying superior turbomachinery design, compact recuperators, ultra low-emission combustion, alternative fuels, dual-fuel switch-on-the-fly capability.

Air Ships

Air Ships

Full Demonstration: 5.5 meter prop with variable axis prop thrust control Brayton designed and tested the special propeller, pylon, and articulating prop axis system. Read More
UAV Turbojets & Turboprops

UAV Turbojets & Turboprops

UAV Airships – Military, Homeland Security sponsorship, wide applications: Much less expensive than satellites; Much less expensive O&M than fixed wing UAVs; Tactical Surveillance Read More
60 kW Microturbine

60 kW Microturbine

Compact 60 kWe Microturbine Range Extender: Innovative cold-end bearing architecture; Advanced radial turbine cooling for higher firing temperatures; High speed alternator; 33 to 45% LHV efficiency Read More
ICR 80kW Axial Gas Turbine

ICR 80kW Axial Gas Turbine

Intercooled Recuperated Microturbine – 80 kWe: Designed for Class 5/7 series hybrid delivery vehicles - Very compact, light weight ICR cycle; Core engine = 128 lbm; Recup combustor module ~ 125 lbm; Two stage axial turbine Read More
Mechanical & Hybrid Drives

Mechanical & Hybrid Drives

Stringent emissions standards and increasing fuel prices drive a need for alternatives to the traditional piston internal combustion engine (ICE). The ICR350 gas turbine engine produces 350 kW peak power in a direct-drive application for Class 8 trucks. Read More