UAV Turbojets & Turboprops
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UAV Turbojets & Turboprops

The Next Generation in Long Endurance Surveillance UAV’s

Brayton: US Air Force

A popular motive on the current military market for small development companies, such as Brayton, are UAV initiatives.

With rapid evolution in compact efficient engines, continued development of small unmanned engines is at a high demand. Over the past few years Brayton has worked with DOD, US Air Forces to help develop certain components in UAV engines ranging from 7kW to 12kW using speed alternators. In addition Brayton is developing a 90kW Turboprop assembly with gearbox.

Markets are not only throughout the military, but for higher-end cinematography and data acquisition for geological or meteorological research. These engines with their very small turbine components remain a great candidate for additive manufacturing technology.

Ultra-light-weight turbo-charger with on-board alternator
Phase II awarded June 2015-2017

Key Technology:

  • Air bearings
  • On-board permeant magnetic alternator (4 kW D.C.)
  • Light-weight
  • Silicon nitride turbine
  • Currently under lab test, winter 2018
Extreme precision air foils
7kW Simulated turbine & compressor mass Air Bearing / alternator housing
2018 Air Force Prize design for a 90 kWe recuperated gas turbine. This design is based on Brayton’s automotive range extender core engine

High Speed Rotor Dynamics and Air Bearing Development

Air Bearing and High-Speed Alternator Development Rig:

Brayton Air Bearing Testing: To 180,000 RPM