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Mechanical & Hybrid Drives

Intercooled, recuperated and combustion (ICR) 350kW gas turbine

The industry’s most advanced gas turbine
vehicle development program

A 350 kWe Hybrid Parallel Gas Turbine

Stringent emissions standards and increasing fuel prices drive a need for alternatives to the traditional piston internal combustion engine (ICE). The ICR350 gas turbine engine produces 350 kW peak power in a direct-drive application for Class 8 trucks. When combined with a high-efficiency electric drive system in a parallel-hybrid configuration, >15% fuel economy gains can be realized, over modern diesel. The fuel agnostic gas turbine beats the most stringent emission regulations without after treatment.

ICR350 Engine Cycle:
The intercooled, recuperated 2-stage compression and 3-stage expansion cycle is shown at right.

The combustor is configured to allow on-the-fly fuel switching between diesel and natural gas. This feature allows fleet operators to use the most economical fuel choice for local operation, and range extension when outside areas with natural gas infrastructure.

Overall cycle efficiency is 44%, in part due to a high-effectiveness recuperator (90%) and the high firing temperature (1370K). The recuperator is a proprietary Brayton Energy design featuring modular cell construction.

Predicted engine overhaul interval is 1 million miles (20,000 hrs). The improved maintenance interval compared to diesel engines reduces overhead for fleet operators.

Enabling Technology: Ceramic Turbine and Hot Section:
Ceramic technology enables higher firing temperatures that improve cycle efficiency. The High Pressure (HP) turbine wheel is made from silicon nitride using a process that has been proven in automotive applications to yield low cost and high reliability.

Unique Technology and Market today
Free power turbine and patented Variable Area Nozzle (VAN) provide control and drivability

Patented VAN provides high starting torque and enables excellent part-load efficiency: 155 mm / 6 in custom turbine rotor.

Power turbine assembly with integral gearbox

Variable Area Turbine Nozzle

Brayton has developed for variable area turbine nozzles for gas turbines subjected to rapid transient maneuvers, such as expected in vehicles and off-grid gas turbines.

Brayton provided pioneering research and development support to the Bladon Team
and their line of small microturbine products.