“Can” Style Combustors
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“Can” Style Combustors

ZK1200 Can Combustor for Center for Clean Energy Technology

Brayton has designed and tested can style combustors ranging from 2” – 26” diameters from common stainless steels to high nickel alloys.

This large can combustor was designed and tested as a low-emission re-rate for older KG2 gas turbines.

Overall installation, showing the combustor, convection liner sleeve, and the skid-mounted fuel system.

Combustor Cooling Architectures

Splash Ring


  • Traditional design approach with significant experience base
  • Lower tooling cost


  • May require trials to eliminate hot-spots
  • Eventual thermal fatigue results in buckling failure at splash-ring segment attachment points.



  • Single piece liner barrel, avoiding welded or brazed joints and associated thermal-induced buckling.
  • Lower cost in production
  • More uniform cooling


  • More expensive tooling
  • May require higher cooling air fraction

Can Style Combustor for 2kW GENSET for ARPAe

  • Standard can layout 60.2mm diameter x 277 mm long
  • Applicable for 1kW microturbine , designed for U.S. DOE – ARPEe (Advanced Research Project Agency)
  • 99% combustion efficiency
  • CARB distributed generation standards for natural gas fuel (0.031g/kW-hr NOx; 0.045 g/kW-hr CO)

Test combustor in the horizontal orientation as viewed from the exhaust towards the swirlerhead showing the primary reaction zone. The orange/yellow color is due to emission from the hot liner not soot.