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DOE SunShot High Efficiency Low-Cost Solar Receiver with sCO2 cycle

Problem Statement & Value Proposition

This low-cost, high-efficiency, high-pressure-solar receiver architecture was developed and tested in Brayton’s laboratory. A battery of rigorous accelerated tests were performed to measure creep and fatigue in the high temperature CO2 environment. This receiver is a critical component of the sCO2 power cycle which is key to achieving the DoE $0.06/kWh CSP LCOE target by 2020.

Brayton’s patent-pending quartz window design suitable for use with power tower receivers was also developed and tested, demonstrating a significant.

Path to Market

Brayton has already shipped sCO2 heat exchangers employing this technology to industrial customer. The technology may also be licensed to partners for solar receiver and heat exchanger applications.

Full-Scale Test Section

1.8 m Cell Length
Matches Design

Quartz Tube Window Test Results

Infrared views of
the test section without
quartz tube windowin place
Infrared views of
the test section with
quartz tube window in place; note the
lower apparent temperatures as
viewed from ambient