News & Updates

Portable Nuclear Power Module Program Launches at Brayton

Brayton continues our 16 year development efforts in the areas of gas cooled nuclear reactors. Our first major project, at the formation of the company 16 years ago, led to key developments in the area of pebble bed reactors, compact heat exchangers, and turbomachinery design. Over the years, Brayton has worked with many companies, government …

Brayton Wins SETO Award to Advance High Temperature Heat Exchangers

Brayton’s award entitled Creep and Fatigue Characterization of High Strength Nickel Alloys Thin Sections in Advanced CO2 Heat Exchangers will expand our data base and allow more accurate life analysis of high temperature heat exchangers. Brayton’s Unit-Cell technology enables extremely compact and light weight microchannel heat exchanger designs. Working with Oak Ridge National Labs, Brayton …

Brayton Wins International Contract for Alternative Energy Gas Turbine

Brayton received a competitive award from the BIRD Foundation, a joint US/Israel initiative. In the project, Brayton will develop a special purpose gas turbine for converting thermal energy from biomass and thermal energy from other sources such as concentrated solar power.

Brayton Wins XTech Awards for US Army, Presents at AUSA Conference

Competing in a ‘Shark Tank’ pitch competition hosted by the US Army, Brayton has received two competitive awards for our advanced UAV turboprop gas turbine. See Braytonites Antoine Corbeil and Chad Everbeck pitch the design in this YouTube interview from the end of 2019. This engine offers light weight, superior SFC, and compactness for the …

TF50F Combustor Improvement Program Meets Targets in Full Engine Test

Brayton has worked with Vericor, MTU, and Honeywell for over two years leading the design team to introduce an ultra-low emissions, lean-premixed combustor for Vericor’s TF50F aero-derivative industrial gas turbine. Vericor Power Systems’s gas turbine engines have a venerated reputation, earned from years of service in industrial power generation, mechanical drive, and marine applications. The …

Brayton Receives ARPA-E Award for Long Duration Utility Scale Energy Storage Project

Our award, under their “DAYS” initiative (Duration Addition to electricitY Storage) is entitled Improved Laughlin-Brayton Cycle Energy Storage. This 2 ½ year advanced development project will design and test a novel high efficiency turbomachine to enable Professor Robert Laughlin’s Pumped Thermal Energy Storage concept to achieve competitive efficiencies and cost. Brayton will be working with …

Brayton Receives Award from the Air Force Research Lab for Turbocharged Wankel Engine

In SBIR Phase 1 and 2 projects, Brayton designed, built and tested a tiny turbocharger integrated with a high-speed alternator. The novel design incorporated a new low-cost air bearing system, for exceptionally lightweight and oil-free maintenance. Building on the success of our SBIR, Brayton will proceed to integrate the turbo-alternator with a 40 hp Wankel …

Brayton Receives Award on the ARPAe INTEGRATE Initiative

The US ARPAe Agency was created to cultivate new high risk, high reward energy technologies. This newest competitive award seeks to create a class of ultra-high efficiency power blocks for distributed electrical generation. With a target of 70% natural gas to electric conversion efficiency at the 100 kWe power level, this ultra clean power module …

Brayton’s Combustor Demonstrates Ultra Low Emissions for Chinese Gas Turbine

Brayton provides services for the gas turbine industry, developing low emission combustors for existing and new engines. In 2017, Brayton re-rated an old KG2 gas turbine engine for a Chinese client, cutting their CO and NOx emissions by a factor of four. In subsequent work, Brayton collaborated in the design of an all-new gas turbine …

Brayton Ships Ultra-Low Emission Combustors to China

Brayton designed and tested two different MW-class gas turbine combustors to a Chinese client for retrofit. These combustors were designed to replace existing oil-fired combustors in older stand-by gas turbine gensets, which when operated had very high NOx and CO emissions.

Brayton Energy Selected for DOE Success Story

Brayton Energy successfully completed the design and quality tests in support of a concentrating solar receiver for a 10 MWe power plant. The CSP power plant employs the highly efficient supercritical carbon dioxide cycle and is expected to approach thermal to electric efficiency of 50% at normal rating conditions.

Brayton Receives Follow-on Project to Build and Test SCO2 Recuperator

The National Energy Technology Lab (NETL) has awarded a contract modification to proceed to build and test a nominally 250 kWe recuperator for a commercial super critical carbon dioxide power plant. This next step builds on the success of prior awards wherein the design and sub-system tests were performed.

Brayton awarded US Navy project for compressed air energy system

Brayton Energy received the award from the US Navy’s Broad Area Announcement (BAA) for our proposal “Compressed Air Energy Storage for Island Naval Bases”. The program is coupled to Brayton’s ongoing Navy project to develop a 1 MW-electric CAES expander system, employing our undersea air storage technology.

Brayton Awarded SunShot Apollo Contract

Brayton Energy has received award notification for the highly competitive SunShot Apollo project from the US Department of Energy. This project will further Brayton’s earlier SunShot receiver work, leading to the development of a break-through technology in concentrating solar power.

Brayton Awarded ARPAe GENSETs Contract

Brayton Energy has received notification of award for ARPAe’s major initiative to develop a 1-kWe residential genset for combined electric and thermal power generation. The target specs are for 1 kW-electric, with an overall energy recovery efficiency of 80%, including heat captured above 80°C . (175°F).

Brayton Awarded Air Force UAV Project

Brayton Energy has receive notice of award for a Phase II contract, through the Small Business Innovative Research Initiative (SBIR). This is a continuation of work performed in 2013-2014, culminating in the build and test of an advanced microturbine UAV.

Gas Turbine Powered Kenworth Truck Launched

ICR Turbine Engine Company, (ICRTec), Brayton’s client and affiliate has introduced the ICR350, an advanced gas turbine propulsion system for class-8 trucks. The engine, co-developed by Brayton incorporates a ceramic hot section, achieving over 40% efficiency over a wide power range.